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Amazon Jungle and River Expeditions with Manaus Jungle Tours

Amazon Jungle and River Expeditions with Manaus Jungle Tours Amazon Jungle and River Expeditions with Manaus Jungle Tours

Expedition Jatapu River


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I personally consider 8-10 days kayaking/camping on the Jatapu is the best tour we offer, but it is not the most popular because of the price (the relatively high price is due the logistics involved in that) and the length, but as you have time, let me give a quick draft of how this tour is done:

Participants will leave Manaus at 8am on the first day tour, drive for about 4-5 hours to the east of Manaus to reach the small Itapiranga, the closest town of Jatapu River that can be reached by road, we’ll have lunch there and load a river boat with the kayaks and supplies for the trip. We’ll navigate all the afternoon to reach the mouth of Jatapu River…

Next day morning after breakfast, we’ll start navigating into the Jatapu for the whole day, stopping along the way to hire a local dweller who will guide us back and carry our supplies in his motorized canoe. In the end of the second day, we’ll reach the place where we’ll start to kayak down the river.

The riverboat will leave in the morning of the third day, then we’ll kayak and camp down the river for the next days, performing the activities along the way (fishing, hiking, sunset and sunrise and animal observation, visiting local dweller village etc…) and, getting into the tributaries where we have very good chance of seeing some wildlife.

We use the house of the local dweller as a base before we’ll go down the river on the 9th day to meet the river boat by the mouth of the river on the last day trip, it’ll take as back to the town and then back in Manaus around 6pm of the last day.


Summary activities:

  1. Scenic kayaking
  2. Hikes through virgin, uninhabited jungles
  3. Piranha and peacock bass fishing
  4. Nocturnal animal observation (including alligator spotting)
  5. Overnight camp deep in the jungle
  6. Sunrise and sunset observation
  7. Meet local dwellers families and/or small villages
  8. Overnight in a family’s home (by request)
  9. Explore a bat cave



The Amazon jungle and the Jatapu River will open its beautiful surroundings to you while kayaking through its luxuriant rainforest. Through the whole expedition, you will spend time kayaking through a variety of waters.

Early morning kayaking (6:00 am) may be a good choice since leaving from this specific area, will give you the best chance to see rare animals like tapirs, electric eels and the magnificent harpy eagle. Then, night kayaking is always exciting, as you head for your Nocturnal Animal Observation*, including the alligator spotting.

In the lower part of the Jatapu river, adventurers will go through a different rainforest ecosystem. In this area, the river will be larger with a few small lakes entrances on the sides. There will very quiet streams where we may see monkeys, coatis (raccoon family) and white herons.



Some areas of the Jatapu River are in the higher land ecosystem with hundreds of plant species and trees up to 60 meters high (200 feet). In this ecosystem, the intertwined canopy in some areas can totally block the passage of light making the area extremely humid, obscure and with little ventilation, yet, amazingly beautiful.

This activity will have you trekking in the higher land rainforest. As needed, we’ll clear trails and stop frequently when we find interesting medicinal plants, resins to make torches, water-vines and much other fascinating information from our guide’s vast knowledge. He’ll also show you how to live from the rainforest with some basic survival techniques.

Have to mention here the Night Hiking! On your way to the overnight camping in the deeper rainforest” ☺



Around 15:30 (3:30 pm), it’ll be time for the piranha or peacock bass fishing excursion that will continue until dusk. Sometimes, freshwater pink and/or gray dolphins come close during this fishing activity, attracted by the same noise (splashes on the water) made to attract the piranhas. This is a perfect time to see couples of green parrots flying back home to sleep. Back at the camp, the guides will prepare 2 options for dinner: a classical meal or, if the fishing was successful, a piranha fish soup – a famous aphrodisiac.



This activity will be done after sunset using spotlights to localize the animals by the reflection of their eyes. The guide will try to catch a caiman/alligator without hurting himself or the animal using his experience and techniques. For the brave ones, it’s possible to hold the caiman, assuming it’s not over a meter (3 foot) long. After some explanations and a few pictures, the guide will slowly set the caiman free. Other nocturnal animals, like spiders, snakes, owls or giant frogs could also be seen.



Late in the afternoon, the rainforest tracker will guide trekkers as far as they wish for the overnight camping in the deeper rainforest. Basic camping gear, smaller hammocks and prepared food will be put in everyone’s daypacks and carried into the mysterious rainforest. This is a once in a lifetime experience, to be in the middle of the deep Amazonian rainforest, in total darkness, listening to and trying to view nocturnal animals. Most animals are not seen during the day, as 80% are nocturnal. Sometimes, animals may come very close to the camping place since we don’t make any fire as to better welcome our night visitors. This is a safe and mysteriously thrilling experience ☺



Sunrise and sunset in the Amazon are around 6:00am and 6:00pm. A spectacular mix of yellow, orange and reddish colors in the sky blending in the waters and the different shade of greens from the forest, it’s enchanting. When still, the reflection effect is so perfect that you have to look twice to see where the water, forest or skyline is. It’s one of the most beautiful and photographic landscape the Amazon has to offer. The sound of the birds waking up or going to sleep also complements this unique atmosphere.



Locals are very friendly and receptive; you can experience firsthand, part of their reality and the way of life of the people of the Amazon. You can learn about the traditional manioc plant processing, a staple crop, and discover how they extract the poisonous liquid from the roots. If you are lucky, you may see local people carving a canoe or a homemade 15 meters (50 feet) motorized wood fishing boat. In exchange for the visit, sometimes clients like to give gifts of school supplies like colorful crayons, perfumes, soccer ball.



If you’d like to extend this cultural encounter, an overnight can be arranged, normally done in the last night of the trip when everyone is a bit tired and want to take it easy with the activities or camp mounting ☺



You will hike through the rainforest for a few hours until you reach an interesting bat cave often used in their reproduction period. This remote spot will allow you to have a good experience of the rainforest, where sometimes we can see families of agoutis (local rodent with no tail) and other animals, as well as a nice introduction of the environment.


Expedition Jatapu River - per person



BRL 7000



BRL 8000



BRL 9000

Min. 2 Max. 8 

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