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Anaconda Amazon Island Lodge


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ANACONDA AMAZON ISLAND LODGE is a new ecologic jungle hotel located on an island on the Rio Negro. It offers 22 bungalows, 12 of them are en-suite overlooking the Rio Negro, equipped with air-conditioning. the other 10 rooms are dormitories provided with a fan and shared bathroom.
With simplicity and in harmony with nature the Island also benefits from a reception-bar, swimming pool, convenience store, souvenir shop and dining area. Electricity at a mains supply of 110V is available allowing our visitors to recharge their electronic equipment.
During your stay at ANACONDA AMAZON ISLAND LODGE you will experience the largest rain forest in the world and its rich wildlife through organized package tours consisting of activities such as: hiking, canoeing, fishing, bird spotting, sunrise watching, jungle survival and many others. Packages include round-trip transportation to and from the Island, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and jungle activities accompanied by experienced multilingual professional guides.
With over 25 years of experience in practicing sustainable eco-friendly adventures in the Amazon we can guarantee unforgettable moments through a truly positive and unique Amazon experience.
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